Monday, 14 September 2009

Wild child

Our wild child, exhausted from adventures while camping during less turbulent times
Originally uploaded by eggdipdip

We're exhausted. We've had a weekend full of tantrums, pouting, feet stamping and many many tears. Battles were fought at every opportunity. Sob. Wail. Sob.

It's tough being 3 and a half. Especially when you have a nasty tummy virus and nobody notices until Sunday lunchtime.

Note to self: When usually wonderful, happy darling child turns into Wild Child, there's usually a virus-related reason.

Oops. Negligent mummy. You are hereby sentenced to 2 hours of soft play at the nearest smelly soft play centre at the earliest opportunity.

Hope you all had less turbulent weekends than we did! 


  1. I always worry when Little Man goes grumpy. Fell better soon, all of you.

  2. Oh no, that's very sad...poor chap. Poor mummy x

  3. aw, poor dear. and poor you. (oops, guess spud already said that). hope he's feeling better already!

  4. Thanks girls! Yes, all better now thankfully. Back to normal level tantrums this morning rather than supersonic ones.


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