Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What about the dad's?

This makes me so angry!

So I was sitting (yes, sitting! can you imagine, what a treat - usually I have to stand) on the train yesterday morning on the way in to work, only just beginning to recover from the image of my beloved boy pleading for me to stay with him, when I stumbled across this lovely story. Apparently, children whose mothers work are less likely to lead healthy lives. What a load of crap.

I really, really hate all this working-mums bashing that goes on in the UK press. Well, of course I'd love to stay at home and nurture my child into a wonderful, caring human being. Of course I'll keep the house spottlessly clean and cook delicious, healthy and varied meals. We'll bake cakes every day and greet daddy every evening with smiles and clean faces before the happy, exhausted but fulfilled children skip merrily off to bed.

But I live in the real world. My husband doesn't earn mega bucks. And I am not a 1950's housewife. I have a brain, I've found a career and just because I have a child, why does that mean I have to forfeit that career? Why should I? I'm bloody good at my job. I love my child no less. I'm an equally capable mother whether I work or not. In fact, I would argue I'm more capable because I'm fulfilled on more levels when I work. Also, my days off are devoted entirely to fun, family activities. I concentrate fully on Miniegg when we have days off together.

And just because I have a job, why does that mean I'm less likely to ensure my child lives a healthy lifestyle? My child lives a very healthy lifestyle thank you very much. All meals he eats at home are home-cooked. The fruit bowl is always kept well stocked for him to help himself from and we spend the majority of each weekend outdoors, running around and getting as much exercise as possible.

And where are the dad's in all this? In our house, husband has as much, if not more, influence over how healthy our lifestyle is. He does all the cooking during the week and it's always super healthy stuff. Do we live in a country where only the mum's can influence the health of their children? Well, frankly, I find that a bit weird.

Give me a break. Stop bashing me because I choose to continue using my brain to earn a decent salary. My salary means that husband doesn't have to be chained to his desk for 14 hours a day. My salary means that we can afford lovely, fresh organic food. My salary means that my gorgeous boy has 2 parents that can give him their full attention without worrying about paying the mortgage. My salary gives us freedom.

I could go on and on about why we choose to be a dual-income family, or rather why we need to be a dual-income family. I could also drone on and on about all the benefits my beautiful boy gains from attending a super nursery that encourages confidence and inspires curiosity (not that he needs much encouragement to ask why these days). But, lovely readers, I will spare you.

Now can someone please pass me that stepladder so I can climb down from my soapbox please?

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