Thursday, 3 September 2009

This girl

Baking with my favourite quality controller
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This girl is a magpie, a hopeless romantic, a drama queen.

She is champagne cocktails, strawberries dipped in chocolate, crushed meringues with raspberries.

She is a fiery redhead with freckles, with an unhealthy appetite for red shiny shoes.

She is family picnics (even in January), old fashioned home baking, and proper home-made marmalade.

She is swishy skirts made for dancing, bunting outside a village hall and garden parties.

She has a yearning for the simple pleasures in life but adores frivolity.

She is afternoon tea with cream cakes served on pretty china.

She is brunch at The Wolseley and lunch in the park.

She is vintage buttons and pretty ribbons and all the colours of the rainbow, but mostly emerald.

She wears rose tinted glasses and her view is never shades of grey.

She values honesty and loyalty but is a shameful gossip.

Her tea cup is always half-full, in fact it frequently overflows and for this she is eternally grateful.

She likes to think she is a writer, but is often easily distracted.

She is a mac not a pc, hates being labelled but covets labels of the luxury variety.

She is a mum and a wife and loves being who she is.

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  1. love your this girl! :-) i think those are healthy posts. i'm going to do one again soon.

    love that you're a mac. :-) and can totally relate on that gossip thing!



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