Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A promise to my beautiful boy

After a lovely but busy weekend camping, it's a bit of a shock to be back in the normal world today.

We had such fun camping (after a shaky start - Miniegg was too exhausted from adventures with daddy to be sociable for the 1st 24 hours) and really played together as a family. Silly mad imaginative play where we pretending to be bulls and charged around a field, sweet heart warming play where we all pretending to be a family of bunny rabbits and good old fashioned boys love cars play. It was beautiful.

So I've promised myself to be more aware in my parenting this week. I'm going to kiss and cuddle at every opportunity, be silly and spontaneous and make Miniegg laugh out loud, be patient and thoughtful when Miniegg is grumpy and tired. I sometimes forget that this wonderful, talkative (almost insightful), energetic little person is actually only 3 years old. And 3 year olds have a tough time when it comes to understanding hunger and exhaustion.

So Miniegg, I promise to be the mummy you deserve this week. We'll read all your favourite stories at bedtime, we'll have cuddles and we'll make each other giggle. We'll drink bambino cappuccinos and talk in silly voices. I'll try really hard not to make excuses or be grumpy - housework can wait.

You're my special, wonderful gift and I promise to cherish you more.


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