Saturday, 15 August 2009

Busy busy bees

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Oh my word - life has been so busy lately that I've had to spend all my spare time catching up on reading everyone else's blog, thus leaving no time to write my own. Woe is me.

Truth be told, I've not really been inspired to write about much lately. All my inspired words are being used up at work.

I did have a lovely post planned out in my head about wanting to move to Edinburgh and "do" the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - mainly because I was voraciously reading Alexander McCall Smith's 44 Scotland Street books. God, I enjoyed the 2 I read. I was all set to run out and acquire all his books and read them till I was half blind, but hubby put my off. He warned me that often, if you keep reading the same author's books one after another, forsaking all other authors, you end up overdosing on that author until you can barely bring yourself to read another of their books. Spoil sport. So I reluctantly put away my Alexander McCall Smith books.

And so disappeared my burning desire to move to Edinburgh.

Shame really. I like Edinburgh and have lots of friends there. Maybe one day soon I'll return to Alexander McCall Smith and his tales of 44 Scotland Street...

p.s are you still there loyal followers (all 4 of you - lovely lovely people with impeccable taste)? Sorry for neglecting you recently. I hope to be a bit more consistent with this whole blog malarky in the future.

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  1. I agree with your can so easily OD on one author. Beter to save and savour them.

    So pleased to see you writing again. I must say I look at your blog title in my reader and ponder when you'll next write. Nice to be missed though, hey?


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