Thursday, 9 July 2009

Creative genius? Moi?

So today is a "work from home" day for me.

Except, I've been such a busy little bee all week I managed to finish all my work for the week bar a few little Internet research projects.

So, that left plenty of time this morning to indulge in a little secret sewing!

And look what I made:

This is destined to be a Christmas pressie for my sweet mum-in-law, but I'm so excited about it, I'm tempted to send it to her now! The pattern is courtesy of this lovely lady.

Note the sweet lemon yellow ribbon (we're big on yellow in this house)

The funky contrasting shoulder straps and lining

but I'm really bummed I don't have a decent camera (instead these are taken with my iPhone!), because the little charm that you can barely see here says "hand made with love". Cute huh?!

I even added a little loop inside which I'm going to attach a little D-ring to, so she can hook her keys safely onto it and not lose them at the bottom of the bag!

Oh I feel all smug and have a nice fuzzy warm feeling inside from hand making something with love for someone else.

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