Monday, 8 June 2009

4 days post-op

Today has passed in a bit of a blur.

Hubby and Miniegg went off with my mum this morning and spent the day in London to let me sleep. And sleep I did! All morning. I must really have needed it.

Then I invited one of Miniegg's friends round for tea with her mum. Was probably a bit silly really as I was in serious pain by the time they got here, but they're in the middle of some major building work and my friend sounded really fed up. So Miniegg and I baked a wicked chocolate cake:And suddenly the world seemed a nicer place (and the Tramadol kicked in!).


  1. holy crap, is that your actual cake? because if you can bake like that sick, you're hired for the next birthday party around here!

  2. Pretty darn close!! Although, didn't manage such fancy chocolate swirls on top - we were too desperate to eat it to wait for that nonsense.


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