Monday, 6 May 2013

Pinch me

Gosh, where to start...

I had this great series of posts planned covering our epic move to Scotland, but...I just can't seem to make the words flow.

Possibly because we STILL haven't completed on our flat down south. We finally exchanged contracts on Friday, but it's another 2 weeks until we complete.

So until then, I think we'll still feel like this is all a holiday. A brief glimpse of what life could be like. It's just all too dream-like at the moment to be our new reality.

The house is everything we hoped for. Right on the very edge of town with nothing at all in front of us except fields and forest and pheasants and deer.

Everyone has their own bedroom, we have more bathrooms than we know what to do with and the kitchen...I'm sure I achieve my 10,000 steps a day just preparing dinner. It's huge! Now, please keep in mind that we've just moved from a shoebox 2 bedroom flat. So anything is going to seem huge compared to that. But seriously, it's huge! I can go to the loo (any loo) and by the time the kids have found me, it's too late to interrupt me. Bliss.

Have we unpacked properly yet? er no. There's been too many impromptu trips to the beach to concentrate on unpacking to be honest. And we're still recovering from 3 weeks with the in-laws.

But is it our dream life? Yes and no.

The 2 day a week freelance contract that I was verbally promised didn't materialise in the end, so Husband has thrown his hat in the ring and is freelancing too. Trouble is, he's far better at making contacts and securing work than me and is working crazy hours at the moment. So I need to up my game and get more work coming in so he can ease off a bit.

But the rest of it is pretty much how we dreamt it (so far). The boys spend hardly any time in the house. If we're not at the beach or walking in the woods, they're out playing in the street. There's no traffic on our road, so the boys can safely scoot up and down without worrying about cars. They've met the children from 3 other houses in the street so far and spent an hour this morning playing football with them in the street and an hour this afternoon pestering the landscape gardeners building the new play park for a completion date.

TV consumption has drastically been reduced while fresh air consumption has rocketed. There have been a few tears, a few teething problems and the odd tantrum. But I'm sure we'll get used to this new life soon. I'll stop the tantrums just as soon as I get blinds sorted for the lounge, promise.

Exploring. Never enough exploring. 


  1. Ooh your new house sounds wonderful - especially the uninterrupted peeing!!
    I hope things have picked up on the work front. All of that fresh air will just be wonderful for your littles.

  2. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! I've been following this move tho woefully bad at commenting on it.
    SO happy for you!


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