Monday, 1 April 2013

Jumping for joy

On Thursday we jumped. Fed-up of waiting for solicitors and paperwork, we linked hands and jumped feet first into Operation Relocation by booking our removal van...for this Friday! *scream*

We signed off of the new house just after lunchtime on Thursday and decided we just couldn't wait any longer. We need to start making our new house our home, even though our London flat still isn't officially sold. If we're paying for 2 houses, we may as well be living in the one we've dreamt about for the past 2 years!

So there you have it. We've finally taken the first steps on the last lap of our journey back to Scotland. A 600 mile drive lies ahead of us and we're already exhausted. The husband is a one man packing army, he's a man possessed. If you stand still for long enough you're likely to find yourself inside a carefully labelled cardboard box, along with anything else that isn't nailed down.

Meanwhile, the 6yo can't decide whether to be sad to leave his friends or excited about finally having an 'upstairs'. Turns out, his definition of a 'posh' house is one that has an upstairs and having been denied an upstairs his whole life, this is what he most excited about. Typical.

The 2yo is mostly confused. He can't understand why his usually tidy daddy, who normally shares his love of 'a place for everything and everything in it's place' is suddenly disrupting the order of his world. We've had to repack a couple of boxes while he's safely asleep as the tantrum that ensued when we dared to place any of his belongings in a box were of epic proportions.

We also have a 7th birthday to contend with before we move, but the birthday boy in question has thankfully decided that this year, he will be like the Queen and have a real birthday and an official birthday. The real birthday will take place on Thursday, while the official birthday will be conducted in Scotland. He's already been warned that this plan does not entitle him to another round of presents. Nice try sunshine.

So we're now counting the sleeps, watching the boxes pile up as our cupboards empty and hoping for dry, pleasant driving conditions next weekend.


The view from our front window...I can almost smell the pine trees from here!

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