Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sometimes, you've just gotta play hardball

1 two bedroom flat.

1 family eager to sell.

1 couple eager to buy.

The price is right, the timelines fit.

Should be plain sailing, right? Wrong.

Turns out, a small but significant detail was missed the previous 3 (yes 3!) times the property changed hands.

But in the interests of seeing the bigger picture, we're trying our hardest to make sure our solicitor gets that villa in St Licia he is obviously lusting after...

...except our buyer's solicitor decided he wanted one too. And wanted us to pay for it.

So we took a stand. Put our foot down. We said no.

Thankfully it paid off.

Onwards & upwards!


1 comment:

  1. wohoooooooooooo so when is the move scheduled for? I have missed so much recently as I have been sewing none stop. Are the boys excited for Christmas? are you all ready for 2013 and all it will bring?


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