Monday, 10 December 2012

Revisited: Thrifty Stocking Filler for Lego Lovers

I originally posted this mini-tutorial on Lego Crayon men last year, but it was so popular, I decided to give it a little more love and use it again this year (recycling innit?)

So, if you have a small person in your life, you most likely have an abundance of broken crayons. If they're anything like my little people (and most little people I know), you may also have a Lego fiend on your hands. Anything Lego is adored in our house. Be it brick shaped, Lego man shaped, or any other mind-boggling-but-essential-for-the-creation-of-a-Millenium-Falcon-shaped you can imagine.

So I decided last year to have a go at making Lego men crayons.

Ta da:

Want to know how to make them? Well, fear not. The instructions are ridiculously simple.

First of all you need a Lego man ice-cube tray. I bought mine here but I think they are also available on Amazon.

Then, simply take some old crayons and chop them up as small as you can without losing a finger and fill the moulds with the crayon pieces:

You need to overfill the moulds so the crayons melt into the gaps, then pop the ice-cube tray into an oven preheated to about 100 degrees celsius for about 5 minutes. Now, the information on my ice-cube tray told me not to heat it beyond 60 degrees celsius, so don't wander off and get lost on twitter at this stage. Just keep a close eye on proceedings and all should be ok. My ice-cube tray emerged unscathed, but just be careful.

Take the tray out the oven when you can see the crayons have melted, but don't leave it too long. You don't want the colours to mix too much and end up with brown crayon men.

Leave your little men to cool completely, then simply pop them out of their moulds. Ta da! Simple lego crayon men. A perfect stocking filler :-)

I also used the ice-cube tray to make chocolate lego men and may also do little soap lego men...the possibilities are endless. And of course the ice-cube tray itself also makes a lovely stocking filler. My little people go mad for ice Lego men. Bizarre.

You could also try this with other ice-cube trays/moulds like these fish shaped ones from Ikea or some festive ones like these.


  1. I LOVE these. What a great idea. I need to find myself a lego mold now!

  2. These are brilliant. I've got a pacman ice cube tray that would be great for crayons but I'm not sure it will go in the oven. I might take the risk!

  3. I just made these for the kids in my sons class for valentines day. I put the mold in the microwave for about 6-8 minutes instead of the oven. It worked great!

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