Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A leap (back) into the unknown

So, we're now on an official countdown to our move back to bonnie Scotland.

We've been planning it for so long, but not daring to dream about it too much. Trying to stay focussed on the here and now, getting through the daily commute, making our flat irresistible to buyers. We haven't dared think about what happens when February comes. Until now. That's when it suddenly struck me: I'm going freelance next year! Waaaaah!

Freelance writing isn't new to me. But suddenly it feels horribly frightening. Having to leave the protected bubble of corporate life, chasing invoices, no longer having a guarantee of work next week. Yikes.

I'm going to have to learn to sell myself and my writing skills all over again.

There may need to be a website. And a logo. And a new company name. Gulp.

But I am excited. I want to do more than write marketing bumf for pharma companies this time. I want to write articles and blog posts. Maybe even dabble in some non-pharma stuff.

I need to start networking my little butt off, dipping a toe in the proverbial water and seeing if anyone bites.

Geography shouldn't be a barrier to hiring a freelance writer in these techno savvy times of Skype and FaceTime. So I'm hoping that my location 600 miles away from any of the pharma companies I work with now, shouldn't be a problem. But old habits die hard. Agencies like the security of an in-house writer. Someone they can throw hideous 150 page slide decks at for proofreading.

So I need a plan. A foolproof plan to convince my current employers to keep me involved with my accounts and hire me freelance.

A great big sticky chocolate cake should do it I reckon. If in doubt, bribe with cake. That's a good enough moto for now I reckon. I'll worry about the finer details when I stop panicking.

Writer for hire: Healthy copy delivered with panache and a great big dollop of buttercream icing

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  1. Good luck - am trying to do similiar at moment and it is scary x x


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