Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Finding our bliss

This weekend was a great big beautiful sigh of relief. I don't know what we did differently, to be honest. Maybe it was the clocks changing. The knowledge that autumn was in full flow. Maybe it was the crazy busy week we'd all had that forced us to slow down, almost to a stop come Saturday morning. But this weekend...just worked. We had no plans, didn't see any friends, no diy projects to finish off, no house viewings to contend with. We just snuggled down, as a family and giggled and tickled our way through the weekend.

House work was done in fits and starts, naps were taken and hearty bowls of chilli eaten. Films were watched, lego build and whole villages with intricate railway lines designed, built and demolished. 

For once, we didn't care that putting fresh linen on all the beds was a job that lasted all day. We just went with it. Little hands were eager to help out, which may have prolonged the process, but made it so much more fun!

By Sunday night, we felt renewed in energy, spirit and as a family. This weekend was exactly what we needed. It reminded me of the awesome boys I am blessed to have, all 3 of them. 

Seriously, who could resist an invitation to snuggle under a duvet at 3pm from this little guy?

Hope you all had good weekends too! What did you all get up to?

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