Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: Cocoa Boutique. Luxury, artisan chocolate tasting experience.

So, a few weeks ago a lovely email popped into my inbox. I must confess, I practically squealed with excitement. I never rarely get approached by PR companies, which I try not to take as a personal reflection on my writing ;-) This isn't the type of blog that attracts lots of attention from PR circles, but that's fine. Eggdipdip is a rambling, ramshackle kinda place, but it suits me fine. I get to write what I want, when I want and not bother too much about offending or pleasing anyone in particular.

Anyway, back to this email. Would I like to be sent a box of luxury, artisan chocolates to review (aided by my two glamourous assistants as well of course)? it asked. Just a bit! Free chocolates to scoff  enjoy - what's not to like?

So, a couple of days later, this arrived:

I couldn't wait to open the box. I loved the simple, elegant look although I was surprised that the box wasn't more glossy looking given the luxury label. But I was impressed by the look nonetheless. Slightly reminiscent of Jo Malone packaging. Understated but elegant.

Inside, it all looked very special and enticing. Giant chocolate buttons, truffles and dark chocolate coffee beans all looked very inviting.

Each chocolats was beautifully finished and even had a 'menu card' with a detailed description of each one. We started off with the giant chocolate buttons (guess whose choice that was?). The milk chocolate ones got a huge thumbs up from both boys, but the white chocolate ones proved to be a bit disappointing. None of us were keen.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for the sake of our teeth and waistlines), the box arrived at the start of a rather humid couple of days. So chocolate wasn't really our treat of choice for a good couple of days.

But in the name of research, we struggled on. Tasting each chocolate in turn and giving it our undivided attention.

But to be honest, we weren't blown away by them. I've had Hotel Chocolat tasting boxes in the past and they never fail to impress. But these chocolate just weren' special. The packaging was lovely, the chocolates themselves looked delightful, but in terms of taste, they just didn't suit us. There was nothing wrong with them (apart from the white chocolate ones - they left an aftertaste that wasn't pleasant). But these chocolates just tasted a bit...normal. Nothing spectacular. Maybe we've been spoilt too long by Hotel Chocolat. Luxury chocolates have to be pretty amazing in this house. And while Cocoa Boutique scored high in terms of looks, it fell short on taste for us.

They would make a lovely present for someone you knew was a chocolate connoisseur I'm sure. In fact, you can win a box to try for yourself (or stash away for Christmas) here.

I think we'll be sticking with Hotel Chocolat though. Sorry Cocoa Boutique. We wanted to love you, but you're just not the chocolates for us.

Disclosure: We were sent a complimentary box of Cocoa Boutique chocolates to review but no other incentives were received. 

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  1. Thank you! I am so pleased that someone else wasn't as impressed with the chocolates! Be grateful that yours was a free box, trying to unsubscribe isn't an easy process with these people!!


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