Thursday, 16 August 2012

An emotional driving force

This photo was taken just 2 weeks ago.

A family picnic with grandparents in tow on our favourite family beach. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) our closest beach in the not too distant future.

Littler is full of pride, chuffed to bits with his new skill in sandcastle construction. His Grandad, bursting with pride to be sharing this beach with his 2 favourite people in the whole world. Just out of shot is his Gran, a woman with a heart made of pure gold that would do anything for the 2 little men she dotes on. A heart that has a huge capacity for love.

And it is these emotions that are the driving force behind our Great Escape. I want there to be hundreds of more photos like this one. Thousands of more moments shared with grandparents in tow. Many, many more picnics on the beautiful beaches of Scotland and many more nights where my children are put to bed with sand stuck to their feet, their hair sprinkled with sea salt and the sound of the waves still echoing in their ears.

Different beach...

...same hopes and dreams
This is my post for Tara's latest edition of The Gallery. Pop over and have a look at the emotions other lovely people have chosen.

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