Tuesday, 3 April 2012

This time 6 years ago...

:: I was child-free, wrinkle-free and hugely pregnant
:: I was blissfully unaware of the changes about to occur in 24 hours
:: I was nesting. Big time
:: I was desperate to meet my first-born child
:: I had no idea how much love I was capable of
:: expectations of motherhood were high
:: expectations of motherhood were wrong misguided rose-tinted
:: I had read precisely 1 'manual baby' from cover to cover and had decided I was fully prepared *guffaw*
:: I was determined to have a water birth and thought I knew what to expect *snigger*
:: I had cankles the size of most women's thighs
:: I had 4 chins
:: breastfeeding was a mysterious art that I was confident I could master
:: I had yet to discover Mumsnet *wail*
:: I expected to spend the next 6 - 9 months wafting serenely from coffee shop to coffee shop with my beautiful baby in a sling
:: I was convinced I'd miraculously shrink to a size 8 weeks after giving birth (despite being a 12 before falling pregnant)
:: my life was about to change beyond recognition
:: I was within hours of my waters breaking
:: I made the driest, most disgusting chicken pie. Ever
:: I was about to fall deeply, unconditionally in love

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  1. yayyyyy I can comment now. Happy birthday to your baby-sorry big boy! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow


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