Saturday, 10 March 2012

The thing about dreams...

This morning as I was changing Littler's nappy, I had this conversation with Bigger:

Bigger: Mummy, do all your dreams come true?

Me: No, not all of them. Just some of them. Why?

Bigger: Good because I don't want my dreams to come true...

Me: (intrigued) Oh?

Bigger: Because I had a bad dream last night about robbers messing up my lego and we called the police who told the robbers to tidy up the mess but they said no and tidied up the litter instead so my lego was STILL a mess...

Bigger: I don't want that dream to come true mummy...

Me: (didn't know whether to laugh or cry)

The things they say and do!

I'm linking up with the lovely Christine Mosler over at Sticky Fingers...what have your cherubs said this week to make you laugh/cry/scratch your head?


  1. Oh bad dreams. Maxi has had lots and we did lots to try and stop them, Mini on the other hand dreams of chocolate and ice cream

  2. If my nephews are anything to go by messing with a boy's Lego is the worst nightmare imaginable!


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