Monday, 26 March 2012

On the cusp

The sky is blue, the sun is warm(ish) and I feel like spring has finally sprung. We had a glorious weekend, where none of us vomited, nobody had a stonking cold, everybody slept at night and cleared their plates at mealtimes. Simple pleasures.

Afternoon tea and delicate cakes were eaten, the sandpit was cleaned and replenished, an hour of (albeit frustrating) digging occurred on the allotment and I even tidied up one little corner of the garden. New strawberry plants were planted, more seeds were sown and some seedlings even decided to pop up and enjoy the sun with us.

Every year, the seeds I sow take me by surprise. Not because they're a mystery or a lucky dip or anything. But because one, tiny seed is capable of producing new life. All it takes is a bit of warmth, a drop of water and some potting compost and you get new life springing forth with leaves and a complex system of cells that in time will produce fruit or blooms...amazing really.

I love it how they surprise me. I check on them every morning, willing these teeny tiny seeds to germinate and just when I'm starting to lose faith (and patience), there they are! Lovely, fresh, green seedlings. Full of the promise of spring and the potential to be something wonderful, usually to both the eye and the palate. A delight for the senses. All from a tiny seed.

Oh I do love this time of year. Traditionally, it's also a time for big change for us as a family. Babies, house purchases, career changes, all seem to happen for us at this time of year. Exciting times people, exciting times.


  1. Can I hire you?! I love putting plants in the pots for the terrace but I'm not at all green fingered. Sounds like you've had a really lovely day.

    CJ x

    1. Thanks CJ but you wouldn't be saying that if you could see my allotment right now! I'll be shocked if we don't get a stern talking to from The Inspection Committee! x


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