Monday, 20 February 2012

Surviving flu

Having just started to come out the other end of a bout of flu (yes, *proper* flu, not man-flu, not a bad cold but full blown influenza thankyouverymuch) I feel like I should be singing and dancing and clicking my heels with the sheer joy of being alive.

But I'm not. I'm still approximately two-thirds full of snot, coughing like I smoke 60 a day and breathing like the poor penguin in Toy Story 2 (with a squeak and a wheeze).

Next year, I will not be skipping the flu vaccination. Man, it was nasty. But there were ups as well as downs, so here are the highlights of the best things about having flu:

:: your 5 year old tucks you into bed with the most tender kiss and a teddy to keep you company

:: your 5 year old tells you to only eat and drink healthy stuff to get better soon 

:: the look of excitement and adoration on your 18 month old's face when you finally emerge from beneath the duvet on day 3

:: you get to watch the entire series 1 and 2 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and nobody complains

:: surviving on hot honey & lemon for 5 days is amazing for the waistline

:: get better toblerone from the husband

:: a massive bunch of flowers from the in-laws to cheer me up

:: I'm now craving broccoli

So all in all, I wouldn't recommend it as the best way to spend the second half of half-term, but it did have it's advantages (excused from nappy changing duties for a start - result!).

Hope you all had much better half-terms than we did. What did you all get up to?

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  1. Aww I love your list of blessings!
    We had colds over half term, too.


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