Sunday, 5 February 2012

366 days of photos - week 5

These past 7 days have been horrid to be honest and most days I just didn't have the time, energy or inclination to take a photo each day. So I've cheated a bit this week and selected photos from throughout the week that put a much rosier glow on proceedings.

So here's what I would rather remember about this week:

Sunset during the commute home

A day at home with two 18 month olds - a day that rejuvenated my soul

Lunch at Wagamamas with good friends, putting the world to rights

Waking up to snow

Finally having the mental space and time to notice little details

A spot of sledging

Walking through a winter wonderland

Here's hoping that next week will be a much kinder week. If it's not, I may need to offer up some sacrificial object to the universe. It's obviously seriously pissed at me.


  1. I love these photos and I hope that next week is indeed better than this one has been for you x

  2. Thanks so much Sarah. Have a major case of sundaynightitis :-) but this too will pass...


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