Sunday, 29 January 2012

Project 355 week4

Another week, another load of illness chez egg. What can you do eh? Pesky kids. Still cute though (just as well). Poor Bigger has been complaining since Wednesday that he has tonsilitis. Only yesterday did I get round to looking at his tonsils. Ah...white spots. That would explain the fever you were running on Friday night then? Bad mummy. But honestly, does that gap-toothed grin look like the grin of a poorly child to you?

Thankfully, we discovered the joy of old toys this week. A simple train-set, put away in the shed to make way for shiny new toys has brought hours of delight (some shared even).

And then there's Mrs Goggins...

I want to live in a village with a real life Mrs Goggins. She'd teach me to crochet, chastise me for indulging in internet shopping (och, it's all these parcels yer getting - it's too much for Pat to cope with on his wee push bike) and I'd bake her cakes like this one:

I think I need a Mrs Goggins in my life. If only to save me from eating all the cake...

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