Friday, 23 September 2011

It's all gone a bit Spice Girls round here

Stop right now thank you very much...

This is another breastfeeding post, so if it's not your bag, click away now...

Still here? Seriously, it's about breastfeeding. I'll give you one more chance...

Ok, I warned you.

I want to stop. I really, really do. Littler is teething again. Which means his latch has changed again and it's just not nice. His bedtime feed was actually painful tonight and I really don't want my lasting memory of feeding him to be a painful one.

So I've washed a number of different milk receptacles with various teats. If he wakes up through the night tonight, I'm going to offer him cows milk. But he's eaten really well today and even had toast and warm cows milk after his bath, so I live in hope he'll sleep through.*

We done 14 months of breastfeeding. I think we've given it a good old go.

I'll be sad and miss feeding him dreadfully of course. But I just can't deal with sore nipples. We had enough of that at the start with thrush thank you very much.

So wish me luck tonight.

Will I still be breastfeeding come morning? Probably.

Will I EVER stop breastfeeding? I bloody well hope so.**

*fat chance
**but I still think it's amazing. I'm just a bit over it after 14 months. So over it, I'm quoting Spice Girls lyrics. Sheesh. I thought we'd laid that girl crush to rest.


  1. Best of luck! I think 14 months is a fantastic achievement, well done.

  2. Good luck x
    No guilt - 14 months is a great amount of time to breastfeed!


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