Friday, 26 August 2011

What I learnt on holiday

:: it takes approximately 4 whole days for the average 5 year old boy to stop running manically from swimming pool, to swimming pool, to sea, to swimming pool when on holiday

:: French women really know how to rock a bikini

:: curves rock bikinis far better than skinny

:: everyone looks better with their clothes on

:: reading a novel about feminism isn't the best choice of reading material for a country with a heavily male dominated society

:: reading a novel about feminism when everyone is in bikinis makes you look at other women's bodies in  a whole new light

:: to the average 5 year old boy, once you've seen one lion fish, you've seen them all

:: Nemo looks rather different in real life

:: people without children can be a royal pain in the arse on planes

:: having a 1 year old sat on your knee on a plane when then person in front decides to recline their chair is the fastest route to claustrophobia I know

:: An England bikini is not a good look, no matter how good your figure is

:: never take anything white on holiday. factor 50 waterproof sun cream stains are a bugger to get out.

:: I have a child with skin that turns a beautiful golden brown even when smothered in factor 50. weird.

:: I on the other hand still don't tan. Just freckle.

:: when your husband inadvertently takes the camera for a swim, the memory card and all the photos remain intact but the camera dies a salty death. huh.


  1. Sounds awesome! :)
    (ok not the plane stuff ...)

  2. Mahaha a bit of light reading on holiday, eh? What ever happened to chick lit??


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