Friday, 22 July 2011

This time last year...

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just love lobelia, ubiquitous or not

:: I was digging potatoes on the allotment despite not being able to see my feet (or knees)
:: I was spending my afternoons watching Carrie not get married over and over again while eating copious amounts of cake
:: I was done with nesting
:: I was marching husband and F through fields of lavender to try to induce labour (worked for 2 friends, I was willing to try anything!)
:: I was trying every home remedy known to woman to try to induce labour (despite not even being overdue yet, just due)
:: I was seriously grouchy
:: I'd had enough of being pregnant
:: I was a mother of one and was rather impatient to become a mother of two
:: I had no idea how much more love I was capable of giving
:: I felt like I'd be pregnant forever
:: I felt like I'd BEEN pregnant forever already
:: I had no idea giving birth could be such an amazing, empower experience

If I could rewind to exactly a year ago, I'd tell my heavily pregnant self to:

:: chill out
:: leave the digging to someone else
:: lie on the sofa more
:: quit with the grouchiness
:: stop worrying, it will all start happen in about 48 hours
:: just opt to stay at home when the paramedics arrive
:: tell your mum to keep away from the business end please - there's nothing for her to see down there thank you!


  1. Love the post. I would tell my pregnant self to get someone else to pick up all the things off the floor - you can't even see your toes let alone touch them!

  2. So true! Would have saved a loved of sciatica pain.


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