Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer + 2 boys = fun

I'm having a slow couple of days at work this week and I've been daydreaming about what I'd rather be doing. Invariably, it involves the two gorgeous little men above. So here's my list of what I'd rather be doing right now with my boys:

:: eating ice-cream
:: sitting curled up on the sofa together reading stories

:: watching Peter Pan armed with a bucket of popcorn (salted for me, sweet for my eldest)
:: making up daft running races

:: picking blackberries and planning what we're going to do with them if any make it home uneaten

:: splashing around in a swimming pool, preferably with slides or flumes followed up by big plates of sausage & chips (traditional post-swimming fare non?)

:: just sharing some giggles...

:: and some more ice-cream

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Come on in, the water's lovely.

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