Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's been a while...

A long old while in fact, since I last blogged. Looking back, I'm not sure what happened really. I lost my blogging mojo a bit, life got a little busier, then it got a lot busier, then I found I just didn't have anything left of myself by the time everyone else had a bit...

But tonight, I'm counting my blessings. After a pretty terrifying health scare and 6 days in hospital, my little family will be reunited tonight. We'll all sleep under the one roof. With our health and sanity intact.

And I even managed to put clean sheets on the bed. Bliss.


  1. clean sheets are bliss. i can almost not think of anything better. :-)

  2. Can only be beaten if you have a big bubble bath and put on clean, crisp pyjamas before getting in to a bed with clean sheets! Bliss.


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