Thursday, 23 June 2011

I love London town because...


:: I get to people watch on Carnaby Street 4 days a week
:: I can walk past the Royal Academy of Arts on my way to work and catch glimpses of cool outdoor sculptures

:: I can window shop on Regent Street on my lunch hour

:: I can meander past Buckingham Palace and catch glimpses of princes and princesses (way too much disney in my life)

:: I can dream wonderful dreams while feasting my eyes on the delights of Liberty's

:: My commute to work means I get 2 x 20 mins on the train. On my own. To read. Quietly. In my head. My OWN book.

:: Starbucks

:: Patisserie Valerie

:: Fortnum & Mason for indulgent breakfasts with my dad whenever he's in town

:: St James Park playpark - the 5 yo adores the giant sandpit

:: Routemaster buses

:: when one is tired of London...I can always escape to suburbia knowing that London town will still be there tomorrow when I'm a little less weary

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