Sunday, 26 June 2011

At the tailend of the weekend...

I'm mostly pondering

:: why, yet again, I didn't get over to the allotment. Those poor, poor plants.

:: the pile of ironed laundry that has yet to make it's way to the correct wardrobes and drawers. Heck, at least it's ironed.

:: whether it will be as hot tomorrow as it was today

:: what shall I wear tomorrow?

:: if I'm still blogging will I want to go to Cybermummy12 next year?

:: the use of the word mummy in cybermummy makes me evah so slightly uneasy - why do we have to be defined as 'mummy bloggers' just because we have offspring and also happen to write crap on t'internet.

:: maybe I'm being a tad oversensitive about the whole mummy blogger thing - I've just spent 2 months trying to prove to myself all and sundry that giving birth for a 2nd time did not cause my brain to melt

:: am I a mummy blogger? Do I want to be a mummy blogger?

:: have I ordered enough groceries in our weekly grocery delivery? Think I may have fogotten creme fraiche. bugger.

:: will this week be the week that my husband (formerly, currently and forever known as A Keeper) comes home from hospital?

:: will I ever manage to reach level 3 of The 30 Day Shred?

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