Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Good neighbours

I live in a lovely little street. There are trees every couple of feet and a field of allotments at the end of the street. The houses are (generally) well kept and everyone has a garden with lovely flowers.

Our neighbours say hello and some will stop for a wee chat now and again. Most however, like to keep themselves to themselves. Which is fine, because that's how we like it.

We like our privacy.

So when some very close friends decided to buy a house in our street we were immediately thrown into a vortex of confusing emotions. These were our dear friends that we enjoyed spending time with. But this was OUR street!

Suddenly it all felt a bit Single White Female. They started talking about getting an allotment (we've been on the waiting list for over a year), they like the same schools, would they bother to phone ahead or would they just walk straight in to our little house without knocking? Would our every move now be under the scrutiny of our friends (they never put their bins out in time; how can they see out of those windows?; don't they know what a car wash is for?; not out for a run this morning then?; that child is out of control!; they just haven't made the effort to get to know their neighbours; not very friendly really are they?; well, I never...).

Jealousy reared it's ugly head.

We have a two bedroom ground-floor flat. They were buying a 5-bedroom house! 5 BEDROOMS!

In OUR street!

Would it all end in tears?

Thankfully the answer to that question, so far, is no.

Our friends moved in to their gorgeous 5-bed house yesterday and although I'm still insanely jealous (5 BEDROOMS!!), I am now also insanely happy for them.

It's so lovely to have real friends just over the road. I can pop over for a quick cup of tea. They can borrow milk. Our boys will grow up together, running in and out of our houses, playing football in the street, walk to school together (when the time comes) and always have a playmate close-by to call upon.

It's good to know there are nice people just seconds away that we can call upon.

Our road is now also their road.

So with all my heart, welcome new neighbours, welcome to our and your road.

Home is where your heart is

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  1. Ah this is nice. We moved to a cottage on a farm owned by NCT friends of ours, so basically we now live in their garden. Our children just run riot around the farm together, our house is their house and vice versa. We live in each others pockets but we like it like that. We wouldn't have done it with just 'any' friends, but thus far (6 months in) it's absolutley blissful. Like living on a commune. So different from London life I can tell you!

    Grrr to 5 bedrooms, they should share and give you a few ;-)


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